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Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers

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February, 2013

The members of the  Board of Directors of the Louisiana Housing Corporation and their commmittee assignments is available at the LHC website http://www.lhc.la.gov/aboutus/board.aspx


Oct 27, 2011

Governor Jindal Appoints Six to Louisiana Housing Corporation Board of Directors

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal made six appointments to the board of the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC), the state’s streamlined housing agency created in the 2011 Legislative Session to unite dozens of housing programs previously spread across five state agencies.

Under the LHC’s establishing legislation, the Governor has six appointees to the board. They are required by statute to be Louisiana residents and to have at least five years of experience in at least one of the following areas – banking or bonds, residential or multi-family construction, real estate, affordable housing development, nonprofit residential development or program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. No two gubernatorial appointments shall reside in the same Congressional District and they are subject to Senate approval.

Click here for more information about the new appointees.