Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers

Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers

About Us

The Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers (LAAHP) is a non profit organization with the primary intent to work for laws, legislation and programs that are necessary for, and contribute toward,the development of a viable affordable housing inventory in Louisiana.  Our membership represents a broad array of members, including: non-profit developers, for-profit developers,  lenders, managment companies, market analysts, accountants, lawyers, attorneys, and financial advisors.  LAAHP endeavors to promote the common interests of the members of the affordable housing industry through communications and conferences.

LAAHP was formed in November 2006 for three purposes:

  1. To encourage and promote the professionalism, management excellence, and the value of the affordable housing industry, LAAHP, and its members.
  2. To encourage laws, regulations, and programs which are agreeable with, and contribute toward, developing a viable affordable housing industry in Louisiana, and within the legal and lawful guidelines of state and federal statutes.
  3. To promote the common business interests of the members of the affordable housing industry.

The Board of Directors represents the many diverse views that influence the State’s production and sustainability of affordable housing in Louisiana.  LAAHP has the following seat designations: seven (7) for-profit, four (4) non-profit, two (2) rural and six (6) open.  Within the designations the seats are held by the following professional categories: eight (8) developers, three (3) investors and lenders and eight (8) others.  The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual Meeting usually held in the Fall of each year.